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Lada Lucci is a fashion lady with unique and elegant temperament. Since her childhood, she has been fond of beauty and fashion design and determined to make it as her career. In order to achieve her dream, she got the admission of an university and majored in fashion design. After graduation, she founded her own fashion brand named “Lada Lucci” through continuously efforts. The main style of “Lada Lucci” is for office ladies who pursue for urban freedom fashion. She gets inspiration from the forefront of fashion and combines such inspiration into her design. She chooses the best quality materials to make the clothes designed by her feel comfortable for the customers. She believes that women should have their own city life style in such fast speed cities with fashion dresses, elegant behaviors, and independent temperament. They not only have economic strength, but also pursue for fashion with independent temperament and fashion conscious and would not be bounded by the suits. So it is definitely a good choice for you.
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