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Agata Webers

Agata Webers is a girl full of elegant artistic temperament, and accepted a lot of training in art, dance, painting, and music in her childhood. Natural love of beauty made her indulge in beautiful fashion garments, while she was gifted in fashion illustration and color matching. Because of her special love of fashion art, her parents sent her to a prestigious art college in France to study fashion design. Within a few years, she had learned the pattern making of high class read-to-wear garments and fabric selection. After graduated, she founded an online womenswear label “Agata Webers”, crafting modern and elegant fashion boutique, to meet women’s daily needs of the changing style. Fashion printing, art diamond plaid, simple or splendid color matching are key elements of her creations. She believes that fashion should represent high-style taste, do not blindly follow the trend, as long as finding your own style.

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