Guide to the winter coat trends 2020 for women

In the cold season, a cozy trendy winter coats are the best solution. This is exactly the clothes that will warm you and support the latest fashion trends. Volume, asymmetry, bright colors, quilted restraint, futuristic shine of metal, exaggerated large collars, leather models - all this, and even more, were shown by designers in the new season.

Winter jackets trends

Brightness to maximum

This winter will not be boring. Designers presented trending winter coats in all colors of the rainbow - from elegant bright pink models, with a belt at the waist, to mint quilted coat-robes.

How to use: Maximum brightness is great for a cat-walk story. In everyday life, one or two extremely bright items are more than enough. Good news - the bright color is perfectly matching with everything! If you think that for every item should be another same color item, now it is a big mistake, try black total look with fuchsia pink down coat and silver knit heat.

 Chanel 19/20

Metallic in business

Metalized textures, reflecting the noble shine of gold, silver, and bronze, will be headed by fashionistas from New York to Paris in the new season. So, in the off-white long down jacket, you can safely go to the north pole, in the puffed quilted models to conquer the mountain peaks.

How to use: Don’t forget that metallic is not only a color, many accessories are also a good choice! Don’t hesitate to mix gold and silver, but don’t take too much, if you have plenty of jewelry, do not use more items in the same color. 


Trending winter coats

For girls who prefer elegant and feminine silhouettes, there is also a way out this winter. Designers experimented with silhouettes and came up with a new version of a down jacket - a trending winter coats with a belt at the waist. Designers connected several winter jackets trends at once - leather material and the silhouette of a down-padded coat, raising the degree of femininity. Balenciaga showed a quilted trending women's winter coats, and Gabriela Hearst a sophisticated transformer model. The Ukrainian brand MOON GOOSE also appeared in this category, which suggested combining the downy base with the cut of a classic trench coat.

How to use: Till this winter, we usually did not wear down coat with heels, but now, such type of puffers is a great solution for that problem. Office look with straight skirt? Do not choose between great street outfit or appropriate office style look.

 Gabriela Hearst 19/20

Volumetric collars

Exaggerated down jackets with voluminous collars are not the first season to become the object of fantasy of many designers. In the new season, one should not be afraid to combine feminine skirts and elegant dresses with short sports jackets.

How to use: Collars are great! Winter coat trends 2020 offers us a warm, stylish and comfortable decision for scarf “lovers”. Dress, skirt – whatever! Collars can be used with everything, but do not forget about the right fabrics and length combinations. Remember, long chiffon dress and short puffer is not the best match, it is cold and tacky.

 Emporio Armani  2019/2020

Leather models

The memories of the 1990s once again make themselves felt. This time in the form of leather down jackets, which in the new season are relevant in any color and look. Ermanno Scervino showed a black matte down jacket with a hood, which would be appreciated by the main characters of the film "Matrix". Meanwhile, other designers bet on canary and burgundy skin colors in the new season.

How to use: This season many looks on the catwalk were completely made of leather. Coats and jackets, dresses and skirts, trousers, over the knee boots and brutal army boots, bags, gloves - all this may be used both the main accent of the outfit and addition to the bright color combination. This winter will be very easy to make a 100% leather total look! Particularly popular will be the leather total look in black.

 Ermanno Scervino  2019/2020

Faux fur

The fashion industry gradually refuses to use natural fur. It does not mean that only crazy fur and bright colors will be in the trend. This winter, you can wear a “mink” coat or mantle “sable” - and no animal will suffer. Thanks to modern technology, faux fur is indistinguishable from natural. Designers have a lot of opportunities to make the fur whatever they like, returned to the natural palette. Examples of such fur coats are Celine, Tom Ford, Max Mara. 

 How to use: You should pay attention to the “teddy bear” coat, it seems more casual and looks good for every-day wearing. The best “pair” for such outerwear is a natural color hoodie. 

 Gabriela Hearst 2019/2020

Red and black check

The check continues to play an important role in the fashion winter coats trend 2020. This time, the red-black combination fell into focus. Moreover, the type of drawing itself is not so important. The slightly arrogant buffalo cage also called the lumberjack print, and the more intelligent tartan will look equally good against the background of fallen leaves. To find more inspiration in winter jackets trends, check out the Christian Dior, Redemption, and Marine Serre collections.

How to use: This print is amazing for the accent in any outfit. Choose checked scarfs, hats, jackets or bags, it will suits literally everything! Catwalks offer us checked total look but let them exist only there, everyday wearing makes us boring with that very soon. 

Christian Dior 2019/2020

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