The most fashionable colors of the fall-winter season 2019/2020

Pantone presents a list of the most relevant shades of the next few months. The choice of 10 basic colors that are exactly suitable for cool periods consists of rich and deep shades of blue and green.

Chili Pepper

In the fall-winter 2019/2020 season, you can not do without a burning red color, as bright as Spanish chili pepper. Transforming from year to year, red confidently leads among the main color schemes. It does not only look at you but also about the ease of confidence in a business meeting. Red is the color of power and infinite energy.

Biking Red

In the new season, a fashionable color appeared with the unusual name “Biking Red”, saturated with the spirit of adventurism. A rich burgundy color with a warm undertone looks worthy both in a monochrome look and paired with basic neutral shades of caramel, beige or black.

Crème de Pêche

Crème de Pêche is a delicious name for a soft and delicate peach hue, reminding of a French beaten dessert. The pastel shade should be worn with caution: pale skin owners should avoid it. The best combinations are created with contrasting colors - burgundy or brown.

 Rocky road

The color of the earth, dusty stones, and rocky mountains. A deep, rich dark brown shade called Rocky Road. A universal chocolate hue can easily be combined with any colors. So, Fendi provides silk pants with a print in almond color, Versace added shades from a yellow palette to the autumn look, and Emilia Wickstead showed a fashionable combination of charcoal black and the milk chocolate color.

Fruit Dove

Unusual bird Fruit Dove sets the tone for the upcoming fall-winter season. We look forward to a bright, joyful and fun winter. Spotlight: Carolina Herrera coat, Chanel tweed ensemble, and Off-White faux fur coat.


Dark cheddar

This rich shade is a cheerful mix of yellow and orange. Brave and bold, noble and deep - he will play with the bright colors of golden autumn.

Blue-gray stone

The dusty gray-blue tone in the fall-winter 2019/2020 color palette symbolizes calm resolve. It inspires calm, stability and confidence. The strict character of Bluestone is suitable for creating elegant outfits as part of a business dress code.


In the new season, designers relied on the majestic dark green Eden. The magical green hue gives its depth and goes well with the autumn palette and basic black.


Evening sky

Laconic and elegant dark blue color - the embodiment of self-confidence. It is best to look at strict trouser suits or formal evening dresses made of shiny silk or satin.


A simple and elegant light gray shade is the best base for an autumn wardrobe. It can be freely used in any color experiments, as well as occupy a secondary position in the look. The best friends of the fashionable Paloma shade - white, black, milk, light brown, dark gray, powdery pink, almond color.

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