Red shoes are a bright accent in the image, so you should carefully choose what to wear with them. At the skillful approach the red footwear can even pass in the category “everyday” and thus not to seem vulgar.

 First of all, it is necessary to consider with what colors the fashionable red female shoes are combined.

With care, you should choose red shoes on the platform, as they can look massive on the foot, it is better to stop the choice on the red boat on the hairpin, shoes on a wedge or flat sole.

The main secrets of how to wear a tippet will be shared in this article.

The best sets with red shoes Black pants, dresses, skirts and red shoes are a classic for all time.


 Dark blue jeans with red shoes - this is a modern classic.

Denim should be necessarily dark, you can combine it with white blouses and shirts. Look good in combination with red shoes blue and white dresses, as well as dresses with a print in the colors of which red predominates.

Accessories of red tones (a bag, gloves, a belt).

Of outerwear, the perfect complement - a black coat, trench coat or jacket, you can choose a jacket of red shades.

Especially stylish red shoes look in "sea" images and in combination with black and white things in a large strip. If you chose monochrome, complement the image with lipstick and nail polish scarlet shades - so the image will play even brighter.

Red shoes can emphasize a dress with a floral print if it has a red color (it is desirable that it dominates).

Red shoes and a dress in peas - a perfect combination in retro style. Dress appropriately black or blue in white peas, red is best avoided.


Lacquered red shoes are perfectly combined with dark denim: red shoes will revive and jeans, and skirts, and breeches, making the everyday option more refined. In this kit, white top and large accessories or neck scarves with the presence of red color are desirable.

Red suede shoes are easily completed with official images and evening dresses, make the most rigorous business bow respectable. Suede shoes of calm wine and burgundy shades with black dresses or trousers are especially appropriate. The combination of textures will emphasize a suit or dress made of natural silk or wool. If you want to preserve the elegance of the image, but at the same time refresh it, complete the set with red suede boats on the hairpin.

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