It’s not necessary to be a millionaire if you want to look expensive :) In this article we want to share with you some advices that will help you be more self-confident and look expensive.


  1. Take care of your clothes. Your clothes should always look neat and clean.
  2. Hair. They should always be clean and have a healthy shine.
  3. Make-up. Apply invisible makeup with expensive cosmetics.
  4. Manicure. You should always have the perfect manicure.
  5. Perfume. Try to choose a perfume with notes of expensive materials: leather, tobacco and wood.
  6. Teeth. You should have ideally healthy smile.
  7. The color of clothes. First of all, choose the noble colors that suit you.
  8. Beautiful, high-quality and, most importantly, clean shoes.
  9. Manners. Try to speak in a pleasant tone, be discreet and use only the right words.
  10. Be 100 % self-confident.

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