Following trends: How to wear a puffer scarf

Winter 2017-2018 can be officially called the season of puffer scarf. Fashion gives us a free breath – there are large variations of what you can do with a long strip of fabric. This wardrobe element is always trendy. The only thing to be changed is innovations.

From the last Fall fashion designers are continuing to include puffed, padded and quilted neck warmers in their cold-weather collections. We have seen more than one oversized, exaggerated puffer scarf during Balenciaga fashion shows. Trends come from the leaders. So if such designers as Iceberg, Chanel and Balenciaga take an emphasis on scarves – it time to wear affordable interpretations of the newest neck adornment.

Take modern tendencies into the account – the infinity scarf is an old-fashioned one. To stay fashionable this season prefer pull-through puffy style.

The variety of offers can surprise you, as this accessory is represented by everyone - from Maje to LOFT. A wide range of textures and styles, including velvet and faux fur, make you feel free in creating an eye-catching outfit.  Make sure there is a special one for each of you.

If you`re going to combine it not only with puffer jacket, discover the best perfect scarves below:




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