Autumn has come and it's time to renovate your autumn wardrobe. One of the most necessary purchases is a coat. In this article, we would like to tell you which models and colors are in 2018-2019 fashion.

At first we want to note that in fashion, as before, there is a print cage. Restrained and at the same time trendy.


If you want to wear a coat for a long time, it is worth choosing classic models that have not gone out of fashion for many years.


Also, do not forget about oversize models that are not only comfortable, but also trendy this season.


Do you want to look bright? Then you should choose the bright colors in the coat.


And maybe you are in love of nude shades? Feel free to buy one more coat in the same color.


This year, at the height of the popularity are coats with fur.


Always freezing in short coats? No problem. Buy a maxi coat and stay in the trend.


Of course, we could not remind you of the leopard print returning on the podium. If you have coat with a leopard print in a wardrobe, it's time to wear it.


Do not forget that at the height of popularity coats, fastened with leather belts.


Well, in conclusion, we want to show one of the most fashionable models of a coat-cape.




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