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Magnificent leopard print has long been a fashionable classics - you do not need to be afraid of it, you do not need to be embarrassed. Animals colors, like black or bright red, in the depths of the soul like 99% of women - but each degree of love for them is different. How to wear a stylish leopard - read on. What can we say about the leopard print: if it's too much, it's bad; if it is made of poor-quality material - it's bad; if it goes together with bright colors, massive gold ornaments, a length of a mini, and so on - it's completely out of the ordinary.

To be nice, remember the three golden rules: the first - leopard print is appropriate either in small quantities as an accent piece (belt, bag, shoes), or as the central unit of your image (dress, coat, shirt, trousers, skirt). In both cases, the leopard should ideally be one thing: the maximum that can be combined in one outfit - it's a belt and shoes, in all other cases, let the animalistic print adorns only one element of your image. Ankle boots, shoes, sneakers with leopard prints are an excellent solution to give the image a twist and completeness.


Rule number two - a thing with a leopard print should be made of quality material. If you wear a dress from a cheap shiny satin, even if it cuts a hundred thousand times ideal, the whole effect is killed on the vine, and the stylish idea immediately turns into a vulgar realization. The best autumn version of the use of leopard coloring can be a coat or jacket made of high-quality wool, costume fabric. The only exception is artificial fur, which has long been traditionally used in conjunction with a leopard - a straight coat up to the middle of the thigh is not the first and not the third season is a favorite element of the autumn-winter wardrobe women of fashion around the world.

Rule number three - elegant, discreet cut and style. Even if you wear a leopard print dress made of silk on both of the above rules, adding it with neat black shoes and a modest little clutch, but the dress is too short or delicate, you can just stay at home and do not go anywhere. Leopard print with a light movement of the hand any miniskirt or dress with a frank cut makes an outfit easily accessible. If you add more heels and jewelry, then the "complete set" and the effect are even more guaranteed. Items with a leopard print should be as laconic as possible, close to the classics and moderation.


In general, remember that leopard print is very dangerous, but it is very profitable at the same time: it can be supplemented with shades of khaki, denim, strict black; The leopard will perfectly dilute a simple, boring image and instantly turn it into a seasoned and bright one. The main thing is not to combine it with large ornaments and an overabundance of red color, otherwise a good gypsy image will turn out, instead of elegant and stylish.

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