Bad habits: 6 fallacies when choosing a personal wardrobe.

"You need to know your size"

The size range for different brands can be very different, and this should be borne in mind not only for fans of online shopping. Even measuring the thing in the store, focus on how the thing looks on your body, and not what size is indicated on the tag. You do not wear numbers. In addition, remember that playing with proportions and volumes is a great field for fantasy.


 "Do not buy things, which need to be adjusted "

This point follows from the previous one. The services of tailors we use rarely - from elementary laziness or the thought of how much adjustment will add to the cost of things. At the same time, how many people, so many figures with their own characteristics. Think about how many outfits might look better if they were pushed under you.


 "Do not disturb several bright colors"

Of course, to learn how to skillfully combine colors, it is important to develop your visual culture: go to exhibitions. The simplest way that we were taught since childhood, and at the same time erroneous - is to pick up two or three things in a tone. But the completely monochrome image always looks «strong», as well as composed of several different, but equally bright colors. Color-bloking works only if things are pure colors, close textures and one "temperature" of the hue, either warm or cold.


 "Different prints in one image - bad taste"

The combination of prints is always similar to a walk on thin ice: you need to be extremely cautious. However, skillful treatment with them can freshen the image, and for this there are a couple of simple lifehaks. If you mix the prints, then different (for example, floral plus a strip), but similar shades. Start with the details, adding one thing to another print, for example a leopard belt to a camouflage jacket. The second option - connect the same prints, but different colors. But dressing from head to foot in an active monoprint, unlike a monochrome image, would be a bad idea - especially if it's a drawing under a zebra or a leopard.


"Sections and translucent fabrics - for evening outings"

Modern trends seem to ignore everyone who spends more than half of their lives in the office: a mini skirt and a crochet top in the morning will really start the stupor of many if you're not on vacation. Even if you are not bound by a dress code, love your body and do not mind showing it, do not forget about the boundary between sexuality and vulgarity. After all, in fact, sexy, denoting the body lines, there may be the simplest things: a pencil skirt, a laconic mini-dress with a long sleeve, jeans paired with a translucent blouse, a crochet top combined with wide loose trousers and just a pair of shoes on Heel with the general severity of other things.


 "Jewelry should be minimalistic"

We for laconic decorations without excesses in decor, which look primarily noble. Another thing is that they do not have to be used in a minimalistic way - on the contrary, it's worth trying to combine them with each other, as well as prints or bright colors in clothes. Perhaps you have never worn silver and gold together, but in vain. Experiment by connecting different chains and rings. In a set with laconic clothes or, on the contrary, a kitsch can turn out effectively. More luxury and variety.

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