17 interesting facts about red-haired people

  1. Approximately 2% of people on the planet have hair of a fiery color.


  1. The ancient Greeks believed that people with red hair after death become vampires.


  1. Redheads do not turn gray like other people with a different shade of hair - first, their hair gets a light shade and only then turn gray with time.


  1. Red hair from nature contains a record number of pigments, as a result, it is difficult to repaint such hair.


  1. From the 16th to the 17th century, many red-haired "witches" were burned in European countries precisely because of their fire-colored hair.


  1. Even bruises on the skin of red-haired women appear more quickly and more often than on the skin of blondes and brunettes.


  1. Parkinson's disease affects the "redheads," twice as often.


  1. Also, the hair containing the red pigment is much thicker than the hair of the rest of the flowers. If you count all the hairs, then the red ones will have about ninety thousand, while the "blond" has one hundred and forty.


  1. There is a legend that says that the first red-haired man was Prince Idon. When he opened Atlantis, he illuminated an unusually bright star, which left a special imprint on him, in the form of a red hair and freckles.


  1. Redheads are much more likely than all other people to become left-handed.


  1. Red hair is acquired by inheriting the "red" gene from each parent.


  1. Titian, an artist and creator of the sixteenth century, depicted in his paintings almost only red people.


  1. In the Ancient Roman Empire, the red-haired slaves had a great price.


  1. In Egypt, the red-haired people were buried alive in the ground in the form of a sacrifice to the god Osiris.


  1. Scientists suggest that in about a hundred years the red-haired people with fiery hair will completely disappear.


  1. The largest percentage of red-haired people live in Scotland - about thirteen percent. In Ireland - about ten percent. But the largest number of redheads live in America about twelve million people.


  1. "Ginger-phobia" means fear of red-haired people.



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