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We all admire Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Keira Knightley, and it never occurs to anyone to be negative about their bra size. Most probably, you also have a model-esque appearance and many styles will in fact look impeccably for you. Love your body, take pride in it and these fashion tips will help you take the most of what you have! These essential fashion tipswill surely help you find the right clothes to wear. 



Having small breasts is more of an advantage nowadays since clothing for you is more versatile than for women with large breasts, you can even afford to go braless and still look chic and elegant. In a society that just a few years ago was promoting huge breasts, looking at Hollywood celebrities, we can see that small size is back in style and small breasts are more favored. “The bigger- the better” stopped being a thing, so now it’s your time to take advantage of your size.


Try wearing high-waisted pants or skirts to draw attention to your assets. And I’m not just talking about your butt: you can also draw attention to your legs, arms, etc. Pairing a statement necklace with a v-neck draws attention to your entire outfit for a helluva polished look.


Fortunate small-breasted women can wear strapless tops without worrying about breasts jumping out of and ruining the whole evening. Indeed, strapless tops are difficult to pull off when your breasts are large, but women with small bust can either wear balcony bra with a strapless item, or simply go braless. High fashion strapless dresses and tops are made for you.


While women with big breasts have to worry about supportive bra peeking out of the open back, you can just enjoy the freedom and chic of an open back dress. Backless or cut-out outfits give a hint of flesh without telling the whole story. In addition, because you do not have to fuss with a bra for support, you have much more flexibility than your more well-endowed friends. Kate Moss’s look is so sophisticated and feminine, that it can be a true inspiration for all women with a small bust.


They are bold and daring, and look incredibly attractive. Bandeau tops are made for small-chested women as they bring out your bust without focusing on your cleavage, while giving you good support. These are great for a beach promenade on a hot day. However, if you pair a bandeau top with a business-like jacket, you can wear it not only on the beach, but in the city as well.


Androgynous clothing will look splendid on you. Instead of fighting against your lack of curves, take advantage with it. Think men’s jackets, men’s suits (spectacular Emma Watson does take advantage of it!), fitted graphic t-shirts with traditionally tough images, and boyfriend jeans. However, remember to buy clothes made for women and not for men. We want to just inspire ourselves in men’s style, not wear your boyfriend’s clothes. The result is highly chic and trendy type of style no large-breasted girl can ever compete with.



The famous rule of dark for the bottom, light for the tops works great in this case. Dark colors have a slimming visual effect, which could make your chest look smaller (you do not want that!). Choose pastels and other light colors, especially across the bust. Bright colors will also look great on you, so do not be afraid to experiment and try something new.


Tops or dresses with ruffles, frills, pleats, pockets, zips or any other embellishments placed in the bust area will add the illusion of size to your chest. Horizontal strips also work wonders and visually enhance the appearance of your bust. When combined with a bright bottom, it will create all necessary curves and will make your body look shapely and well-balanced.


Showing a tasteful flash of your bra is HOT. See: Gwen Stefani. She layers a bedazzled, V-neck blazer over a black bralette and it looks so chic. For a going out look, try pairing a lacy bra with a blazer — or any deep V-neck top — and polish with layered necklaces.


Some necklines mask the flatness of your chest, while others take advantage of your small bust to show extra skin. High collar, cowl necklines, crew necks, V-necks and scoops will all flatter your small chest and will help your bust look more distinct.


Showing your lingerie and wearing ultra-see-through items used to be a fashion crime only a decade ago, but thanks to fashion icons and celebrities a sheer top is currently quite hot, and when worn in a proper manner, can be chic and graceful. Women with small breasts can pull off the transparent look quite well, unlike large-breasted girls, and will look extra stylish in something sheer.


Always be confident about your size and yourself and with these styling tips you will just look spectacular.