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Today we suggest you recharge your batteries with this bright, joyful post, which is specially for you.


10 reasons to become a mother. So, what are the ten reasons to become a mother?

  1. If you are a mother, then you are more likely to meet dawn more often than your childless girlfriends.


  1. If you are a mother, you will always be somewhere late, but in your life there will always be the first lily of the valley and a bunch of yellow dandelions, because children simply can not pass by these miracles!


  1. If you are a mother, by touching your child, your hormones give out so much happiness that your childless friends can at least take tons of bananas and chocolate to raise the level of serotonin (a hormone of joy) - they will not catch up with your euphoria!


  1. If you are a mother, you have a unique chance to have an art gallery from your own portraits. The main thing is not to forget to buy frames for pictures, but the rest will be taken care of by children!


  1. If you are a mother, the amount of admission to you in love that you will hear in your entire life increases in direct proportion to the number of children.


  1. If you are a mother, you do not need to sit on a strict diet and make tables of the value of products, it is enough just to eat from children's plates, and a slender figure is guaranteed to you.


  1. If you are a mother, you have a great chance to learn something new. For example, to cook tasty or even to find a new job, for example, to do business on the Internet. Children are the best inspiration!


  1. If you are a mother, it is the ideal stimulus for self-improvement.


  1. If you are a mother, this is a confirmation that dreams come true, because every girl in her childhood dreams of becoming a mother. And if this dream has come true, others will soon become a reality for her!


  1. If you are a mother, every day you drink from an inexhaustible source of joy, fun, sincerity and unconditional love!

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